How to wash hair the right way.

Hair washing seems to be a simple and repetitive activity.  As it turns out, there is plenty of women who make a few mistakes while doing this seemingly easy task.

Hair loss, split ends, dandruff and many other scalp ailments may have its roots in applying improper techniques of hair washing. Certainly, this are just some of numerous factors that contribute to deterioration of hair and scalp’s condition. Frequent use of a hair straightener and a blow-dryer as well as hair dyeing practices make strands weaker. The truth is, the easiest and the fastest way which might help your hair with restoring decent condition is applying right manner of washing. How to do it? Learn the tips below.

1. Comb your hair right before washing. Both long and short hair require precise separation. Basically, it is easier to distribute a shampoo of free-of-tangles hair. What is more, due to combing, you will get rid of some styling cosmetics like a mousse, a gel or a hairspray.

2. Pour a shampoo on the palm of your hand first. Do never apply the shampoo directly on hair. Mix it with water before you start coating the hair with the cosmetic. This technique facilitates better distribution and foaming.

3. Try to give massage to the scalp while washing your hair. In such a way, you will improve blood circulation of scalp, oxygenate it and nourish hair roots. The massage should last approximately three minutes.

4. Wash your hair twice. You will get rid of all the contaminates way easier as the longer massage will influence your scalp even greater. Devote more time to rinsing than to shampooing itself.

5. Pat dry your hair. Use sheets of paper towel instead of a regular one made of fabric.

6. Try to remove the tangles with a comb the teeth of which are widely arranged. If your hair is long, start combing from the ends and move slowly upwards. It is also a good idea to spray the hair with a cosmetic facilitating combing.

7. Avoid using a blow-dryer. Instead, let your hair become air-dried. Hot air destroys hair, making it brittle, weak and even greasy. If it is impossible for you to resign from using the blow-dryer, do not forget to apply a product that is powerful enough to protect your hair from the heat produced by the hair styling devices.

And what if I resigned from shampooing my hair completely?

It is believed that scalp stops producing sebum if not treated with a shampoo. The truth is, the very first weeks might be challenging for some women. Obviously, hair is greasy and shines uncontrollably. During this period, it is suggested using soda and apple vinegar to make hair cleansed. Surprisingly, the final effects of such a treatment are fairly satisfying. Hair stops falling out, becomes stronger and are glossy.

To wash or not to wash – it is up to you.