Solution for gray hair.

Have you noticed first gray hair on your mane? Do not panic! Instead, reach for Palette Permanent Natural Colors hair dye.

Hair graying is completely natural process. Hair looses its colour because roots stop producing melanin. Actually, the moment when our mane gets affected by gray hair depends on genes only. In general, the first gray hair appears more or less around 40. But we would like to look beautifully and young all our lives. How to accomplish that? One of the solutions is permanent hair dyeing. Palette products provide 100%-effective coverage of grey hair as well as intensive and natural colour. Additionally, Palette hair dyes are able to nourish hair – they contain jojoba milk. This is a natural ingredient, which is extracted from seeds of Simmondsia chinensis (also known as goat nut, deer nut, pignut or wild hazel) plant, that influences scalp in a positive way. It is absorbed fast, strengthens cells and prevents dehydration. Which might surprise, jojoba milk is highly resistant to heat since it preserves its properties even when exposed to 300°C. It has long expiration date too.

Certainly, it is advised to read the leaflet enclosed to the package before starting applying the product on hair. The document provide us with such information like guidelines as well as warning against possible irritations. Moreover, the first hair dyeing procedure should be proceeded by allergy test (obviously, all the instructions are provided in the leaflet). Additionally, the leaflet also covers such issues like face and clothes protection, the amount of time that should be devoted to leave the cosmetic on hair as it mentions accessories that are required for making hair dyeing possible. Furthermore, the leaflet describes very precisely all steps that have to be taken in order to apply the product the right way. Definitely, such instructions are valuable especially when we decide to conduct hair dyeing procedure at home. Certainly, hairdressers uses Palette hair dyes as well.

Palette Permanent Natural Colors has a wide range of colours to choose form. The collection is categorized accordingly to shadows – this makes the process of picking the right colour way easier. We can find the following shades: blondes, bleaches, bronzes, blacks, violets and reds.

There is only one contraindication connected with applying Palette Permanent Natural Colors. According to the producer, it is advised against using the product by people under 16.