Curl Secret, an automatic hair curler by BaByliss.

Exceptional curls thanks to Curl Secret by BaByliss.
Elastic curls or romantic waves are not longer difficult to obtain! Suffice to use a new hair styling device by BaByliss – Curl Secret.

What is Curl Secret?
In short, Curl Secret is an automatic hair curler. It means that we do no longer have to move our hands up and down along our strands in order to make hair curl as we do not have to sleep with rollers on or damage hair with perm. Curl Secret has two heat sets 210°C and 230°C. The time devoted to doing curls, and at the same time exposing strands to high temperature, is devoted into three categories: 8 seconds, 10 seconds and 12 seconds. The device is equipped with beep signalizing that a curl is ready. What is more, this automatic curler goes with a cleanser and a long rotating wire.

How does Curl Secret work?
Curl Secret is a hair curler that works as quick as a flash. Firstly, you have to set the temperature, just like in a regular hair curler. Then, you have to put a strand inside the device to make it automatically get wrapped up around a ceramic roll head. The curls are released together with a sound indicator. Generally, it takes no more than 15 minutes to get all hair curled thanks to BaByliss device. Additionally, Curl Secret is able to smooth strands even if they were unruly and not too easy to manage before the procedure.

Use a hair mousse with heat protection properties for hair styling with Curl Secret. It is also suggested fixing the new hairstyle with a strong hold hairspray. What is also worth mentioning, Curl Secret is designed to be used on dry hair only. Otherwise, we can simply destroy the curls. What is more, curling wet strands may lead to deterioration of hair structure and even, in extreme cases, they might get burnt.

Hair curler Curl Secret wraps strands on the ceramic roller head once, thanks to which, hair is exposed to high temperature only for short period of time. As mentioned before, the device features adjustable temperature. The great asset of the Curl Secret by BaByliss is that it produces several versions of curls (various look and degree of curl available). We can gift our mane with delicate and subtle waves or ringlets.