Effective eyelash serum,


We asked several women, who have got different experience in cosmetic use, to check whether an effective eyelash serums really exist. Each of them received a product that lengthens, thickens, regenerates and strengthens eyelashes. When the treatment ended, the participants described their observations accordingly to the following scheme: Your Eyelashes Before and After, Use, Overall Assessment. Let us see, whether they have found effective eyelash serums or not.


Nanolash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before I started using Nanolash, my eyelashes had been rather short and bright. To ...

2 Revitalash eyelash serum

Revitalash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: First of all, I have to admit, I was not really into eyelash care at all. In fact, ...

3 Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum

Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before Long 4 Lashes use, my lashes were rather short, though dense and dark. That ...

4 Realash eyelash serum

Realash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Since I remember, my thin and falling out eyelashes have rattled my cage all the ...

5 Xlash Pro eyelash serum

Xlash Pro eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before Xlash Pro use, I was the owner of short and thin lashes. In general, these ...

6 Idollash eyelash serum

Idollash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before I started using Idol Lash, my eyelashes were not perceived as the prettiest ...

7 Prolash eyelash serum

Prolash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: I always try to take care of eyelashes, face and hands equally, which is why, I was ...

8 FEG eyelash serum

FEG eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: I have never use any eyelash serums before, therefore I got deeply curious how ...

9 Rapidlash eyelash serum

Rapidlash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: I have to admit, my eyelashes were rather feeble. Their condition got deteriorated ...

10 Lashfood eyelash serum

Lashfood eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before I was using Lashfood eyelash serum, my eyelashes were in a poor condition. ...

11 Lash p7 eyelash serum

Lash p7 eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: I have never noticed my eyelashes being in a miserable condition. But, on the other ...

12 Lilash eyelash serum

Lilash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: My eyelashes are not only very short but also thin and bright. I think, I have ...

13 M2Lashes eyelash serum

M2Lashes eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: My eyelashes were simply O.K. I always believed that I looked nice regardless ...

14 Neulash eyelash serum

Neulash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: I was not pleased with the look of my eyelashes from before Neulash treatment. I had ...

15 Hairplus eyelash serum

Hairplus eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before I decided to undergone Hairplus treatment, my eyelashes had been short and ...

16 Talika Lipocils eyelash serum

Talika Lipocils eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Since I remember, I always had very weak and thin eyelashes. When it comes to the ...

17 Latisse eyelash serum

Latisse eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before I was using Latisse, I had thin, weak and short eyelashes. These used to fall ...




Effective eyelash serums are the preparations which improve eyelash condition, stimulate new eyelashes to grow, and the already-grown eyelashes to become longer, denser, stronger and nourished. Do you think, such a cosmetic does not exist? Or maybe you are convinced that it is impossible for any product to combine such a number of features? Surprisingly, effective eyelash serums do really exist. Learn the characteristics to distinguish effective eyelash serums from other products improving eyelash condition.
First of all, effective eyelash serums work really fast. What does that mean? That you see the difference after two weeks since first application. Eyelashes should become longer, thicker, stronger and darker. The final outcome has to be achieved after no longer than three months. What is more, effective eyelash serums are characterized by something else. It is a sort of a secret weapon that deals with damaged eyelashes. To clarify, the secret weapon used in effective eyelash serums stimulates eyelashes to grow. In such a way, eyelids become covered with new eyelashes that are growing strong during the course of the treatment.
What are other features of the effective eyelash serum? Certainly, such products contain natural substances. At most cases, these are plant extracts, vitamins as well as moisturizing and relieving ingredients such as, for example, arginine, cucumber extract, green tea, lavender and many more. Furthermore, effective eyelash serums should also comprise of nourishing substances because only those elements are responsible for the proper growth and regeneration processes. Basically, effective eyelash serums cannot cause irritations or allergic reactions, and this fact should be taken for granted.
And what are the other factors characterized by effective eyelash serums? Definitely, the precise applicator. Due to such element, we can flawlessly supply our eyelashes with all the necessary substances. How to use the applicator? First and foremost, you have to cleanse the eyelids from makeup and dry the face. Then, you can take the applicator, which in most cases is in a form of a brush, and distribute the eyelash serum on the eyelash root line. Naturally, effective eyelash serums are absorbed promptly, which is why, you are free to apply any under eye cream straight afterwards.


Effective eyelash serums are not designed to make your friends jealous of your alluring look. Effective eyelash serums are here to make you feel beautiful. And the best part of it, you will be surprised how these can affect your eyelashes.
If you have short, thin, weak and bright eyelashes, then eyelash serums are a kind of a godsend for you. You will also benefit from them, if your eyelashes are sparse, fall out frequently, break easily or are deficient in nourishing substances. Why? Effective eyelash serums are able to successfully deal with all the above-mentioned problems, indeed.
Additionally, effective eyelash serums are able to stimulate follicles of eyelashes’. That is the reason, why after a few weeks of the product’s application, one can observe growth of new eyelashes. Basically, eyelash serums double length and thickness of eyelashes, prolonging at the same time eyelashes’ life span. Generally speaking, the ultimate outcome is similar to the one gained at a beautician’s bed, if one undergone false eyelash attachment. Obviously, eyelash serums produce only natural effects, whereas, the beautician can offer us only artificial techniques of eyelash extension.
Unquestionably, if you suffer from weak, breakable and fragile eyelashes then eyelash serums will help you. Composition of such products are full of nourishing, regenerating and strengthening substances. Mostly, these are ingredients originate from nature (plants and minerals.) Furthermore, effective eyelash serums contain also vitamins, mineral salts, micro and macro elements.
Since effective eyelash serums work really fast (positive changes in appearance can be visible after two weeks of regular application) it is a good idea to benefit from these before attending important events or ceremonies. Probably, if you did not know eyelash serums, you would attach false eyelashes before the wedding or New Year’s Eve party. Now, you are aware of the fact, that all you need to do is apply eyelash serum respectively earlier and enjoy natural, long and healthy eyelashes of yours. Do you think that buying an eyelash extending product is nothing more but a whim? Unfortunately, you are wrong. Effective eyelash serums have recently become one of the daily care cosmetics used not only by some of your friends but also by women all around the world. And there is nothing surprising about that since these preparations provide spectacular and natural outcomes.


Each effective eyelash serum stimulates growth and makes eyelashes longer, thicker and denser. Obviously, nourishment and strengthening follow. The treatment with such cosmetics positively influences the condition of eyelashes. What is more, it strengthens the little hair of ours, nourishes and regenerates as well as counteracts falling-out and breakage. Additionally, the effective eyelash serum darkens gradually the colour of eyelashes.
Furthermore, eyelash serums are recommended for women wanting well-cared and wonderful eyelashes. What is more, these products work wonders for short, thin and bright eyelashes. In general, effective eyelash serums regenerate eyelashes that are damaged by false extensions attachment and usage of inappropriate cosmetics. People undergone chemotherapy can also improve their weak eyelashes condition by applying eyelash serums.
Additionally, effective eyelash serum should contain only natural substances like aloe, plant extracts as well as hyaluronic acid and collagen that penetrate eyelash roots, nourishing these and creating a protective barrier counteracting eyelash breakage or fall-out. Nourishment and elasticity is provided by fruit oils or panthenol.
Usually, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people undergoing chemotherapy and those who are underage are not advised to apply an eyelash serum. Worth remembering, none effective eyelash serum cause irritations or allergic reactions. Basically, these are safe even for the sensitive eyes. Another key point, the effective eyelash serum can be used by people having vision defect, wearing contact lenses, permanent makeup or false eyelashes.
Effective eyelash serum – how to use it? The precise brush applicator eases the eyelash serum application. Nevertheless, before that, you have to remove makeup and wash your hands. Then, you have to take off contact lenses, if worn. The product should be applied every evening, on upper and lower eyelash base (alike eyeliner application.) As soon as the treatment is finished, it is suffice to use the eyelash serum twice or three times per week in order to support achieved outcomes. Mind you, more frequent application does not influence the ultimate result.