Patterns on fingernails D.I.Y.

You can wear stripes, dots, leopardskin pattern and many other funky images on your fingernails without leaving your home to get them done! You do not have to visit a beautician any more to get pretty, neat and colourful fingernails. Keep reading the article to see for yourself how easy it is to make your fingernails’ patterns outstanding – totally on your own!

If you want to decorate your nails with some kind of a trendy pattern, you need to polish the fingernail plates first. To do it, you will need the following items: a hand cream, a gel for cuticle softening, a wooden cuticle pusher, a nail file, an emery board, a nail polish remover and nail polishes. Also prepare a bowl with the mixture of water and soap as well as a small towel. You can lay your hands on the towel while the nails polishes will be drying out.

Start from removing the old nail polish very carefully and precisely. Otherwise, your nails might get discoloured as the new layers of nail polishes might chip. After that, file the edges of the fingernails. Next, move on with polishing the nail plates. Now, you can put the fingers into the water and soap mixture. Keep them a while under the water. When they become air-dried, apply the cuticle softening gel and give it a while to interfere with the skin fold you want to remove. When the cuticles become manageable, push them up very delicately and cut out using either cuticle nippers or file them out using the emery board. Take the second turn and put the fingers into the water and soap mixture. Dry the fingernails with the towel and degrease them with the nail polish remover.

Finally, time for applying the nail polishes! Remember, if you can afford to do it, use only nail polishes of the highest quality. If you want to draw some patterns on the fingernails, then you have to prepare a special manicure set. Basically, you will need, self-adhesive decorative nail art strips, sellotape, toothpicks, a needle, a spot swirl, a thin brush and silver foil.

Patterns on fingernails

Three-coloured stripes.
Coat the fingernails with either a base coat or a colourless nail polish. Obviously, give the coats some time to become air-dried. Next, apply another layer of a nail polish, yet this time pick a colour. Again, wait a while. Now, reach for the stripes and attach one of them in the centre of a nail, parallel to the edge of the nail, and coat the tip with a different nail polish. Coat the second part of the nail. Take off the stripe and fill the gap with third nail polish. Wait till all the layers become hard. Finally, apply the last layer of top coat.

Leopardskin pattern.
Start with applying a base coat and then a colour nail polish. Use a small brush to draw irregular shapes imitating leopardskin. After that, try to outline the dapples with a black nail polish. At the end, coat the fingers with either a transparent nail polish or top coat.

Sliver fingernails.
The very first step is to cut out and adjust the silver foil to the fingernails. After that, you can coat your fingernails with one shade of a nail polish. Next, with the use of a wet wooden cosmetic stick or tweezers, make the cut-outs stick to the fingernails. Obviously, the shape and arrangement of the cut-outs depend only on you and your imagination. Finish the manicure applying top coat or a transparent nail polish.

Christmas-tree on fingernails.
When winter holiday is just around the corner, it is worth decorating not only the house but also the fingernails with Christmas motives. Start with coating the entire nail plates with a base coat. When it gets air-dried, attach pieces of sellotape in such a way to make them create triangles. After that, attach thick stripes to make them resemble chain-like decorations that we put on the Christmas-tree. Apply second layer of another nail polish. After a while, you can take off the stripes. Actually, you can use the spot swirl to ‘hang’ baubles on your fingernail Christmas-tree. You can also attach some sequins and other decorative stones.

Which of the above-mentioned manicure styles do you find most attractive?