3 Ways of Applying French Maniqure at Home.

We tend to take care of our face, hair as we devote much time to body moisturization. But how do we take care of our hands? Learn three ways of doing classic French manicure.

Making nails ready for French manicure.
Before you actually start applying French manicure, prepare: a bowl with a mixture of water and soap, a towel, a filer, a wooden cuticle pusher, nail polishes, a while pencil, a brush and stripes for manicure. Indeed, French manicure is not only elegant but also it is an easy way of decorating nails. It matches both two-piece woman’s dress suit that we wear for work and wedding gown. However, in order to make French manicure hold long on fingernails, we have to apply a few techniques first.

Put your hands into the bowl filled with water and soap. Such a bath facilitate faster cuticle removal. Dry your hands after around five minutes, push the cuticles back and degrease plate of the nails. Now, reach for the file and shape the nails the way you find most appealing. Actually, the best filers are the ones made of glass since they are delicate for fingernails plates and do not cause the damages typical for stainless steel nail files. After that, you can proceed with coating the fingernails with base coat. This cosmetic nourishes nails as it helps a nail polish to hold longer. Actually, base coats contain a lot of vitamins and mineral ingredients, therefore, thanks to them we do not only provide nails with pretty colour but also nourish them.

Three techniques of applying French manicure.

Technique Number 1.
French manicure will be easier and faster to apply if you make use of manicure stripes. These are easy available in drugstores. Mind you, they have various shapes. Attach the stripes and coat the edge of nails with a white nail polish. Wait a while until the cosmetic dries out and remove the stripes very delicately. Now, coat your fingernails with either a pale pink or a beige nail polish.

Technique Number 2.
If you would like to apply French manicure in the exact way the beauticians do, you have to equip yourself with a special French manicure brush. This kid of an accessory is made from stiff bristle and the tip of the brush is similar to edge of nail plate. Damp the brush with a white nail polish and just put it on your fingernails. Obviously, nail plate of thumbs is wider than other nails, therefore, in this case, start from covering the middle part of the finger plate and then just smear it to the sides. When the white stripes dry out, coat the entire plate with either a pink or a nude nail polish.

Technique number 3.
Use a white pencil. Coat the edge of the nails yet form below. Then coat the outer part with a nail polish. And this is probably the easiest way of applying French manicure.