How to comb hair properly?

How to comb hair properly?
Maybe not all of you know that the way you comb hair affects its condition even greater then all of the conditioners, serums and oils combined together. With this in mind, it is absolutely crucial to comb strands the right way in order to keep them healthy. Read the article to learn how proper combing looks like.

The extend of our hair being tangled reflects the amount of care we provide strands with. Hair tends to chafe against clothes or skin and as a consequence cuticles of hair become open. This in turn results in hair becoming rough and more prone to moisture. Here comes bad news for Europeans. Your hair is less resistant to damages then hair of, for example, Asian women. Basically, hair is tangled every morning, when we finish washing strands or when we are surprised by strong wind. Definitely, in these cases hair needs precise combing. But how to deal with extremely tangled hair? Below, you will find a few hacks which will help you set the hair.

Cosmetics facilitating combing.
Drug-stores are full of products that make hair combing easier. Basically, these are shampoos, hair masks and no-rinse conditioners. You can also make use of hair silk or some spray cosmetics. When it comes to the sprays, their great asset is that their application is fast and easy – we can put them on either damp or dry hair. Actually, all products that facilitate hair combing should own moisturizing or smoothing features. With this in mind, the composition of such products should include silk proteins, keratin, almond oil and silicones.

Combs and Brushes.
In order to comb hair well, you have to use a proper comb or brush. The most favourable brushes are the ones made from natural bristle. It is also worth pointing out that teeth arrangement should goes hand in hand with structure and type of hair a person has. To illustrate, a plastic brush with densely-arranged teeth will pull out hair that are dense. On the other hand, it will do good to thin and short hair. A comb that has widely-arranged teeth is perfect for curly and dense hair. Moreover, a soft-bristle brush is able to smooth hair that has been already combed.

100 Strokes of a Brush to Make Hair Shine.
It is an old and proven technique of our grandmothers. They used to brush hair long enough to make them gain the looked-for shine. What did make hair so shiny? Indeed, our grandmothers used to wash their hair less frequently then we do nowadays. Therefore, strands were coated with moisturizing substances, known to the present-day people as sebum. Simply, they were distributing the sebum along the hair.

How to Comb Hair – Rules.
Both hair stylists and hair stylists distinguish a few techniques, which can be followed by you if you would like to comb your hair the right way. Here are some of them: wash your hair with a delicate shampoo, apply hair masks or conditioners that have to be rinsed,  comb hair with a wide-arranged teeth before you actually rinse the conditioner, comb damp hair, dry your hair with paper towel, start combing from the hair ends moving upwards, apply silk on the hair ends, use a blow-dryer that has ionisation function, do not comb your hair using plastic nor metal combs, apply cosmetics that protect hair against high temperatures, expose your hair to special rebuilding treatments twice a year.