How to take care of hair in the winter?

Winter is just around the corner. Certainly, frost, wind, snow and low temperatures take their toll. Everything which is not protected against these severe weather conditions gets harmed, no matter if it is our skin or hair. However, if you want maintain strands in a good condition during winter, try to follow a few basic rules.

First of all, a warm hat is a must. Right headgear protects scalp, hair and hair roots against freezing temperatures. Additionally, such an accessory warms up scalp protects it from gusty, winter wind. Leaving home without a hat on and exposing hair to temperature variations may lead to greasy scalp and even exfoliation of scalp cells. Furthermore, remember to wear hats made only of natural fabrics, like for example wool or delicate non-synthetic materials.

Intensive hair care is a keystone. Therefore, try to use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and masks for restoring good hair condition. Choose the products which contain natural substances. It is also a good idea to prepare your own scalp peeling. How to make it? Simply add a few spoons of sugar to your favourite shampoo. Mind you, do not use salt since it does not dissolve in water as sugar does. Moreover, salt may cause scalp irritations as it may accumulate between hair and clump strands.

Make your hair perfectly dry. Winter stroll with damp hair is the easiest way to get cold. Despite the illness, water that stays on hair gets frozen and destroys hair from inside. However, use of blow-dries, hair straighteners and other heat producing hair styling devices may make hair dehydrated, therefore, moisturization is extremely crucial in this case. Indeed, you can reach for argan oil which not only provides hydration to hair but also carries rejuvenating features. It is also a good idea to use preparations or food supplements that are composed of evening primrose extract, A and E vitamin as well as aloe. If you want to add shine to your hair, apply silk or other products that gift strands with gloss.

Indeed, winter is the season when hair gets electrified almost constantly. Strands are standing upwards and bristle every time you take off a hat, a sweater or a woollen scarf. Tackle the problem using an antistatic product designed for clothes or greater amount of a fabric conditioner. Also, you can smooth the hair with slightly damp palms. Last but not least, try to comb hair using only accessories made of natural bristle.