Perfect makeup for droopy eyes.

Heavy, so-called, droopy eyelids make your face look tired and bored. This kind of effect is produced because of a big fold of skin covering your eyelid. Fortunately, there are a few corrective make-up techniques that will help you with bringing back life to your fatigued eyes. Simply, follow several easy-to-apply rules listed below.

In order to create an illusion of bigger eyes you can, for example, apply smoky eye, draw a line with a black eye pencil on upper eyelash root line or attach false eyelashes. But first, let us start from the beginning. Prepare your eyelids for the upcoming eyeshadows. Use either a make-up primer or a concealer. Match the appropriate shade with your complexion tone. Try to camouflage all possible spots and dark circles around the eyes. Only high-quality cosmetics guarantee that eyeshadows, an eyeliner and a mascara will hold long.

The first make-up technique for droopy eyes is creating a new crease of the eyelids. Lift your eyebrow up, in such a way to stop the eyelid from covering the eyelid. Then you will notice a new crease of the eyelid. Reach for a matte, dark eyeshadow and mark new arch in the very place occupied by a new crease. Keep adding greater amounts of the eyeshadow gradually. You can also define the outer corner of the eye with the darkest eyeshadow your palette has. The brighter shade should be put on the entire eyelid.

The second solution for droopy eyelid is smoky eye makeup. There are two versions of this make-up style. The brighter version is better for daily look while the darker, more intensive or glitter one is perfect for a party. In order to produce smoky eye, you need at least two eyeshadows. One of them should be applied on the entire eyelid whereas the second should cover only the outer corner of the eye. Try to stretch the second eyeshadow up to the crease.

A line drawn with the use of an eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow (due to a flat and cut at angle makeup brush) will also help you with improving look of your droopy eyelids. The shape of the line depends on you. Remember to apply a highlighting eyeshadow on the entire eyelid afterwards.

There are a few makeup tricks that each droopy eyelid owner should know. For example, remember to coat your eyelashes with a mascara every time. Additionally, try to curl them. Secondly, it is also suggested applying a white eye pencil on the eye waterline (it is located behind lower eyelash line, right in front of an eyeball). Moreover, when you put an eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye, and when you try to stretch it onto above the crease area, never squint your eyes nor outstretch the cosmetic upwards or sidewards. Always look straight at your reflection in the mirror. Finally, highlight the inner corner of the eyes and the skin right above with a bright eyeshadow.