Easy-to-follow tutorial on jewellery makeup.

Crystals and diamonds on face? Yes, this is possible. Gift yourself the look from fashion shows or photo sessions.

Jewellery makeup, because this is how we call makeup technique that depends on attaching feathers, sequins, decorative stones and other trinkets to the face, can be successfully done at home. It is a perfect solution for carnival balls or other all-night parties. Such a makeup is hard to apply yet the effect produced is simply stunning. When you finally manage to master the art of applying jewellery on the face, you will be eager to reapply this style on and on again, practising and inventing new patterns.

Start from applying regular makeup. Put on a makeup primer, a foundation and a powder. Then, cover your eyelids with eyeshadows. Try to match the colours with the crystals you are going to attach to your face. Remember though, the eyeshadows must be matte since sparkling, juicy colours do not match shimmery stones. Now, when the basic makeup is ready, you can proceed with attaching sequins to your face. In order to make the application easier use tweezers. The arrangement and patterns that you are going to create are limited only by your imagination and creativity. The crystals can be attached to temples, cheeks and around eyebrows. They will also look good in inner and outer corners of the eyes. At the end, mascara your eyelashes. If you are afraid that you will ruin the makeup by staining your eyelids or sequins with a mascara, coat your eyelashes with a mascara earlier. Next, coat your lips with a transparent lipgloss just not to distract attention from your eyes. The decorations can be attached due to adhesive used for applying false eyelashes.

Eyelashes can be decorated in the similar way. Just attach a few sequins to the eyelash tips. It is obvious, that when you decide to put the crystals on eyelashes, you should not apply the colourful stones on eyelids, and the other way round.

Crystals will also look good on lips. Yet, before you put these on your mouth, do delicate lip exfoliation and apply a moisturizing lipbalm afterwards. Powder lips using a big brush. Then, put on a lipstick of your favourite colour. Proceed with attaching crystals. Start from outlining the lips. After that focus on filling in the middle part. Again, use the same adhesive you were using for sticking the sequins to the eyelashes.

Indeed, crystals look good on lips, eyelashes and fingernails. Unfortunately, jewellery makeup has its drawback as well. Eyes are hard to be wide-open when loaded with sequins. Mind you, there is a possibility of consuming the sequins while eating or drinking. The decision whether to apply crystals on the face or not is up to you.