Easy and fast hairstyle ideas – step by step

Fishtail Braid – alternative version.

Fishtail braid is basically considered as a difficult hairstyle to be done both successfully and effectively. In general, we have problems connected with selecting streaks of hair and placing these in appropriate place. Fortunately, there is an alternative technique of fishtail braid that is not as complicated as the original one.

Pick a single streak of hair from above your ears and twist these inwards. Take a tiny and transparent rubber and tie the strains back. Now, you should see a space between the tied hair and the head. Put the tied hair through the space from top to bottom. Now, take another streak of hair, twist these and tie below the the previously-made tie. Place the tied hair through the pace created between the two tied streaks of hair. Repeat the procedure till you tie all the hair. At the end, you can gently pull out some small streaks out, in order to make the fishtail look bigger and plumper.

Bun – pony tail.

Comb your hair thoroughly and tie it on the tip of your hair as if you were doing a pony tail. However, when you are about to pull hair though the rubber for the last time, stop somewhere in the middle. In other words, create a kind of a bun. Now, take the reminding part of hair, hanging out of the rubber, and wrap it around, in such a way, to cover the rubber. Support the hairstyle with hairpins. The last step, reach for a hairspray and distribute it amply all-over the bun.

From The Middle.

This is remarkably girlish and at the same time elegant hairstyle. It yields up the pretty face of your’s and covers shoulders. As a consequence, this hairstyle is suitable for work and school. How to do it? Take two streaks of hair (above your ear) and twist together. Repeat it likewise on the other side of your head. Tie the streaks in a kind of a knot and support it with hairpins. Take care of your hair located on the back of your head. Any parting can be left visible, therefore, comb this part of your hear precisely. If you have got fringe, leave it loose. You can curl a little bit the hair that are not tied.

Braid on side of head.

Comb your hair thoroughly and then put it on a side of head accordingly to your fringe direction. Divide your hair into three equal parts and plait it. Take the outer streak of hair and place it between the inner and the second outer streak. Repeat the action with the second outer streak. Tie the braid with a colorful rubber or a ribbon.

Hairband hairstyle.

Put on the head a hairband with a rubber. Pull hair delicately upwards in order to avoid flattered hairstyle. Next, take a streak form above your ear and cover a part of the hairband by winding the streak around it. Then, take another streak and repeat the procedure till the hairband becomes completely hidden by hair. You can support the hairstyle with hairpins. It is advisable to add a colourfull hair decoration.