Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After:

Before Long 4 Lashes use, my lashes were rather short, though dense and dark. That is why, I was looking forward to making these longer. After several months of Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum application, yes, my leashes did become longer, nevertheless, it was not a spectacular outcome, at least as far as I am concerned. Despite the extension, I think that my eyelashes have not lengthened even by a half of their total length. However, till the end of the treatment, the eyelashes did not stop growing. Unfortunately, I cannot say much when it comes to the issue of thickening and density improvement since I have always thought that my lashes are fairly dense. The same concerns darkening. Therefore, it is hard for me discussing these aspects of Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum.


Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum treatment lasts about a half and five months, or six months. Maybe a little bit longer than that, it is really hard for me to estimate the time devoted on the treatment. The thing I am sure about is the capacity of the product. Despite it is written that the bottle contains 3 ml of the cosmetic, I am pretty sure that the bottle holds much less than that. Generally, Long 4 Lashes is to be applied evening, after removing make-up, and before putting on the cosmetics we use every day. You have to use the applicator, which is a form of a brush. Certainly, you have to use it to make a thin line right on the eyelash base of upper eyelids. Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum reaches lower eyelashes as you sleep. To be honest, I have no idea how it works. The outcomes are produced after, I guess, a month or so, since the first application. The final outcomes are seen much later, around four months. Once, a small amount of the cosmetic got into my eye. If I had not rinsed it immediately, I would have felt irritation or stinging for sure. I feel that people having sensitive eyelid or eyes should be extremely careful during applying Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum or even do not apply it at all.

Overall Assessment:

Maybe Long 4 Lashes can be put under the ‘effective eyelash serum’ category, or maybe not. It is really hard for me to state this clearly because my lashes got longer insignificantly. Besides, the time my eye was irritated, was not pleasant obviously, and I wanted to get over it as soon as it is possible. To sum up, I do not have positive experience with Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum. Unfortunately, it does not fulfil my expectations.

Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum
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