Neulash eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: I was not pleased with the look of my eyelashes from before Neulash treatment. I had been using so many various cosmetics, which unfortunately brought no marked improvements. I lost faith and thought that my eyelashes had a dog’s chance for becoming beautiful. However, I kept looking for a miracle and I came across Neulash. Basically, I expected this eyelash serum to make my lashes darker, denser and longer. At that time, my eyelashes were rather strong and well-nourished therefore, I was not paying attention towards these aspects of product’s working. When the treatment was over, eyelash condition improved. Unfortunately, I did not notice any darkening. Slight eyelash extension and density improvement did happen but after around two months.

Use: I was applying Neulash eyelash serum every evening, just a moment before going to bed. Obviously, earlier, I had been removing my make up in order to enable all substances contained in Neulash’s composition penetrating the follicles. Basically, all you have to do is apply a thin line of the cosmetic on upper eyelash base and that is all. Neulash is absorbed quickly, does not run down into eyes and did not irritate my eyelids. A side effect I noticed was a dark discolouration line. I removed this mark with a dual-action liquid. But this made my eyelid skin dry. Coming back to outcomes Neulash produced, I noticed the first changes after around a month of use. Now my eyelashes are stronger, rebuilt and smooth. What is more, these are longer and denser.

Overall Assessment: You can order Neulash containing either 3,2 ml of the eyelash serum or 6 ml. The first bottle covers a four-month treatment whereas the bigger bottle holds out around eight months. Both versions are extremely expensive. Generally speaking, Neulash works good. I am satisfied with eyelash care and eyelash extension, although I had to wait long for this. In my opinion, people who have extremely sensitive eyelid skin should ask a general practitioner if they can undergo the treatment or not. Those people may experience greater consequences than just discolouration of eyelids.

Neulash eyelash serum
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