Latisse eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before I was using Latisse, I had thin, weak and short eyelashes. These used to fall out during make-up removal, and even when I was rubbing my eyes. There was nothing left to help me. Even coating my eyelashes with a mascara of thickening and extending properties was to no avail. Fortunately, I had this opportunity of trying out Latisse. After two months of the treatment, I noticed significant change of both eyelash condition and appearance. These become way longer, thicker and stronger. My eyelashes stopped falling out and I can even say that these were attached to eyelids firmly. It is a pity, my elation did not last long. After a few weeks, Latisse just stopped working and my eyelashes returned to their pre-treatment condition.

Use: Latisse package goes with 60 one-use-only applicators. These are brushes of slightly widened tips, made of fairly stiff bristle. In my view, you can use a brush of your favourite eyeliner as well, just when you run out of the ones provided by a producer. When you finally decide which applicator to use, you have to cover it with only one drop of the eyelash serum. Then, the brush has to be moved along eyelash base of upper eyelids. While sleeping, Latisse reaches lower eyelashes making these nourished.

Overall Assessment: Latisse works really good, but only when it is applied on eyelids. To clarify, when the treatment finishes, effects wear off quickly. The most troublesome were the irritations. In fact, these did not affect me significantly, however, I guess that people who suffer from some skin or eye disorders may encounter more considerable problems. Irritations that appear while undergoing Lattise treatment were: broken capillaries, small eyelid discolouration and skin dryness. What is more, eyes were a little bit reddened and dry. I have to add, Latisse is expensive and not easily available.

Latisse eyelash serum
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