How to do first-date makeup?

Certainly, each girl would like to look gorgeous on the first date. However, the key to success is not only guaranteed by a perfect hairstyle of expensive clothes. Naturally, makeup also remains equally important. How to do perfect first-date makeup?


Basically, start preparations for the big evening two hours before the date. In order to improve the final look of your first-date makeup, it is advisable to perform face exfoliation, then apply a face mask and a moisturizing cream. The smoother skin, the easiest it becomes to distribute the cosmetics all over evenly. Once again, since all the beautifying treatments are fairly time-consuming, reserve some time in order to do not be late for the date. As an illustration, you can fix your hair while the face mask or the cream is being absorbed.

Face makeup.

Begin with a makeup foundation application. Take into consideration the place where you are invited in and the type of lightening the place provides (natural of artificial one.) To clarify, if the date takes place in a restaurant, do makeup at artificial lightening, and when the date takes place outdoors, do makeup near a window. Camouflage all skin imperfections, such as dark circles under eyes, acne marks, blackheads and scars, with a concealer. Apply a tone brighter cosmetic than the makeup foundation and blend these precisely. You can use the same concealer to shape your face as well. Put it on your chin, the nasal bridge, upper lip and between your eyes. Fix both cosmetics with a matte powder since your make up cannot run down your face during the date. Emphasize your cheekbones and top of the forehead with a bronzer. Next, reach for a highlighter to mark tip of the nose and brow bones. Obviously, apply a blusher on your cheeks.

Eyes and lips makeup.

Outline eyebrows and then fill these with an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Apply a bright concealer above and under eyebrows, and blend it thoroughly. When it comes to eyes, cover these with an eye shadow of the same shade as the makeup foundation since it can work as an alternative to the eye shadow primers. Now, open your eye shadow palette and gather on a brush the shade of bright pink. Apply it on the upper and lower eyelid and smudge it on crease of the eyes. Search for a grey, dark pink or dark violet eyeliner pencil and draw lines on the eyelids. You can as well, smudge these a little bit upwards. Improve the eyelines with a black eyeliner. Put a bright eye shadow on inner corners of the eyes, due to which you will make your look radiant and, at the same time, your eyes optically bigger. Coat your lashes with a mascara. Finally, paint your lips with a light pink lipstick and a transparent lipgloss.