Hairplus eyelash serum

Your Eyelashes Before and After: Before I decided to undergone Hairplus treatment, my eyelashes had been short and breakable. There was no point in attaching false eyelashes because when my eyelashes were loaded with additional ballast, these started falling out and this looked even worse. Therefore, I was so happy to try out Hairplus eyelash serum. When the treatment was over, I noticed significant improvement of my eyelash condition. These become much stronger and did not fall out so excessively, even when I was removing make-up. Although the extension was rather minor, I was content with it. The best is the fact that I have not attached false eyelashes since Hairplus treatment.

Use: Hairplus has to be put on every evening. Naturally, before that you have to wash your hands and remove make-up, this is obvious. When you prepare your eyelids, you can apply the eyelash serum along eyelash line, starting from inner corner heading towards outer corner of the eye. If you want, you can apply the cosmetic on eyebrows as well. However, the application might be troublesome because of small size of the brush. For that reason, if you want to supply your eyebrows with Hairplus, you have to be prepared for time-consuming application.

Overall Assessment: The interesting composition was the aspect that convinced me to give a try to Hairplus. The product contains A, C, E vitamins, peptides and panthenol. For me, it was big advantage because despite eyelash and eyebrows care my skin became also prettier and nourished. However, as far as I am concerned, allergic sufferers might experience some irritations. Generally speaking, Hairplus eyelash serum passed the exam. Although it did not extend nor improved density of my eyelashes the way I wanted, I am glad with regeneration and strengthening.

Hairplus eyelash serum
6.8 Total Score

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