D.I.Y. Make-up box.

Are your cosmetics scattered around your desk or are they lying in mess on a bathroom shelf? If you do not have any make-up box, then it is high time to make one!

The shape and the final look of the make-up box will depend on your creativity as the capacity on the amount of the cosmetics you possess. It is obvious that it is more convenient to store foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras and lipglosses in one place then keep them disorganized.

In order to make your own make-up box you will need: a shoe box, two sheets of decorative papers or a fabric, a glue, a brush, big cardboard, soft and thick foil, an acrylic paint, a pencil, a ruler, a measuring tape, a rubber, scissors, a utility knife, an old belt, two buckles and two drawing pins.

Now, once you have collected all necessary items, you can proceed with making your own make-up box. Cut the lid to size and glue it to the box. Cover the outer walls of the box with either the decorative paper of colourful fabric. Now, do the project of the inside of the box. Take the measure of width and length of the box. Adjust the compartments accordingly to sizes and quantity of your cosmetics. Next, cut out the cardboard compartments adding approximately one inch on each side. These will form a kind of ‘wings’ which will be glued to the walls of the box. Cover the compartments with the decorative paper as well. Obviously, you can use other materials, just make sure that the colours and patterns match. When the compartments are ready, cover them with transparent foil to prevent the box from getting stained – after all, you will put all your cosmetics and accessories inside. Now, glue all the compartments to the make-up box following the project you have designed. When the inside of the box is fixed, come back to the outside. It is a good idea to cover the corners of the box with darker paper or painted black cardboard.

Now its is time for making the casing and handles. Take the old belt and cut it half alongside. Fix the buckles and loops. Try to make holes in one end of the belts. Next, take the glue and stick the stripes of belts to the sides of your make-up box so they can keep the lid from opening. You can fix additional handle on the lid. It will make carrying around of the make-up box easier. Use the same belt, yet fix it due to drawing pins. Look at your box – it is finally ready. All that have to be done is placing all your foundations, powders, eyeshadows, mascaras and lipstick inside.